Alien: Alone

An interesting little Alien fan film that follows the story of a synthetic who has been left behind on an abandoned spaceship and finds an Alien facehugger in a restricted area.

Alien: Alone is Directed by
Noah Miller

Produced by
Valerie Thueson

Music by
Joel Santos

Taylor Lyons, James Paxton, Martha Vincent

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Our Verdict
Alien: Alone is one of a series of official short films that were created to coincide with he 40th anniversary of the original Alien movie. This is one of the darker and more interesting takes on the source material, with the synthetic forming a bond with he facehugger and helping it fulfil its purpose. It’s a little reminiscent of David’s relationship with the aliens in Alien: Covenant, and a reminder that it’s not just the aliens that are out get you in the Alien universe.

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