Alien: Night Shift

An Alien fan film that takes place on a very familiar planet just before the events of Aliens, which sees two truckers visting a supply depot after one of them wakes up feeling disorientated and hungover.

Alien: Night Shift is Directed by
Aidan Michael Brezonick

Produced by
C.M. Birkmeier, Andrew Cummings

Written By
Aidan Michael Brezonick

Music by
Francois Lietout

Amber Gaston, Terrance Keith Richardson, Christopher Murray, Tanner Rittenhouse

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Our Verdict
Alien: Night Shift is actually an official Alien short film that was shot to coincide with he 40th anniversary of the original. It’s not as strong as some of the others (see similar recommended fan films above) that have been released (largely due to the sound production which seems a little off), but it’s nice to revisit LV-426 and see what life was like before the outbreak.

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