Alien: Ore

An Alien fan film that sees a group of miners in a mining facility making a very unpleasant discovery down one of its tunnels.

Alien: Ore is Directed by
Kailey Spear, Sam Spear

Produced by
Victoria Burkhart, Synnove Godeseth

Written By
Kailey Spear, Sam Spear

Music by
Leonty Music

Mikela Jaye, Tara Pratt, Dalj Brar, Steven Stiller, Ambrose Gardener, Theresa Wong, Alexandra Quispe, Julie Boersema, Bola Omodara, Calder Stewart, Christian Lagasse.

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Our Verdict
Alien: Ore is an official Alien short film that was created to coincide with he 40th anniversary of the original Alien movie. The production values are great and a mining facility makes for a great setting for an Alien film. The banter between the workmates is great and there’s a real sense of tension and horror when it all kicks off.

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