An Aliens fan film that takes place after the events of Aliens and sees Newt returning to LV-426 in search of answers about what happened to her parents.

Directed by
Márcio Napoli

Produced by
Márcio Napoli and Stephanye Tavares

Written By
Márcio Napoli

Music by
Elliot Goldenthal

Luiza Greca, Sergio Barreto, Isa Muller, Stephanye Tavares, Vinicius Westerkamp, Jozué Junior, Giovanna Morastoni, Luiz Eduardo Mello, Stephanye Tavares

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Our Verdict
This Aliens fan film is remarkably light on actual Xenomorphs and doesn’t really fit into the official Aliens timeline, but it’s a very cinematic experience with high production values and superb acting. Newt deserved much better than being unceremoniously bumped off before the third Alien movie. This fan film not only gives Newt a little closure but also gives you an even greater appreciation for Bishop as he still tries to protect Newt from things that can harm her (emotionally rather than physically this time). If you can get past the fact that there are no Aliens in it and that it doesn’t quite tie in with the ending of Aliens then you’ll find a lot to like in this powerful and emotional tribute to two great Aliens characters.

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