Batman: Puppet Master

A live action Batman fan film which takes place after the death of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, with Batman still a fugitive and an FBI agent named Edward Nigma assigned to the case. Nigma has a meeting with Scarface while Batman has a showdown with Victor Zsasz who has mysteriously managed to escape from Arkham.

Batman: Puppet Master is Directed by
Bryan Nest

Produced by
Christin Mizelle, Ethan Cushing, Dianne Ward

Written By
Chris Wiltz

Music by
Jerel Northern

Michael Connolly, Wil Daaniels, Frank Birney, Gillian Shure, Justin Mortelliti, John DiCrosta

Website/Social Media
Bryan Nest

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Our Verdict
An impressive fan film with great acting, an authentic looking Christian Bale era Batman and an interesting story. Scarface is an interesting character that always overlooked in the movies and it’s nice to see the Riddler back to his old tricks again – it’s always more fun when the criminals try to outsmart the Bat than to outfight him.

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