Bats & Jokes – A Batman Fan Film

A very dark Batman fan film that blends live action and animation as Joker toys with Batman and recounts the events of a night full of death, immortality, apocalypse, destiny, time travel and madness to give a very clever take on the Joker’s origin story.

Directed by
Farbod Ardebili

Produced by
Farbod Ardebili, Iris Saunders, Tom Musca

Written By
Farbod Ardebili

Music by
Farbod Ardebili

Adam Karnow Chefitz, Ubaldo Urrutia, Gerry Garcia, Aaron Sylvan Gordon, Sam Stern, S. Molly Dominick, Jesse Alvarez, Tom Musca, Chauncey Mabe, Olaf Ttngr, Ailin Gong, Yaxu Hu, Han Chang, Gabriel Trujillo Jr., Safai Kelly, Kirby Katsy Suarez Zea, Jeffrey Stern, Ed Talavera

Website/Social Media
Farbod Ardebili

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Our Verdict
This fan film has won multiple awards and it’s easy to see why. The live action sections are good but the animated sections are fantastic and the dark, twisted narrative is very well done. The whole film is peppered with famous faces from the Batman comics and the whole thing feels like a dark descent into madness (which is essentially what it is). The final reveal of who the Joker really is a superb twist and it’s makes the whole thing worth watching twice to truly appreciate the genius of it. Also, be sure to watch the post credits scene for another interesting twist.

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