Bendy VS Cuphead – An Animated Fan Film

Bendy and Cuphead face off in this beautifully animated fan film where the pair fight to the death!

Bendy VS Cuphead is Animated by
Javier Ulloa, Shelbie Copas

Produced by
Sean Hinz

Music by
Joshua Kazemi

Nich Cramer

Website/Social Media
Death Battle

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Our Verdict
The quality of animation in this short film is fantastic and it manages to recreate the feel of Bendy and Cuphead’s animation remarkably well. Cuphead’s reasoning for starting the fight is very funny and the combat between the two is a joy to behold. There are some very clever touches – such as the way the animation changes as the action transfers between Cuphead and Bendy’s world or the Cuphead level end card that tells how close he got to beating Bendy.

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Fan Movie Watch
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 1 reviews
by Bondix on Fan Movie Watch

The quality of animation in this fan film is simply incredible. Bendy and Cuphead need to be in a game together now!