BUCKETHEADS: A Star Wars Story

A Star Wars fan film that follows a group of Stormtroopers as they attempt to bring in a Rebel general.

BUCKETHEADS: A Star Wars Story is Directed by
Marco Bossow & Andy Brown

Produced by
Scott Mundle, Troy Mundle, Lee Shorten, Kat Rusten, Chad Riley and Mark Meer

Music by
Samuel Kim

Larissa Thompson, Hugo Raymundo, Steve Davie, Mark Meer, Troy Mundle, Lee Shorten, Kat Rusten, Steve Haigh, Isaac Keoughan, Karl Germyn, Griz Salzl, Chad Riley

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Our Verdict
Great acting, cinematography and costume design make this feel very much like an authentic Star Wars adventure. It’s not often in Star Wars that Stormtroopers are anything other than cannon fodder with awful aims, but BUCKETHEADS does an excellent job of fleshing them out into real characters. There’s a nice sense of camaraderie between them and it’s interesting to see that they think that the Rebels are the bad guys. There’s even an LGBT Stormtrooper which is a first for he Star Wars universe. All in all a very solid outing for the band of Bucketheads which reminds you that there are real people under those flashy white suits.

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