Critters: Bounty Hunter – Fan Film

An impressive Critters fan film which follows an alien bounty hunter as he attempts to wipe out a batch of Critters who have landed on Earth.

Critters: Bounty Hunter is Directed by
Jordan Downey

Produced by
Ricky Fosheim

Written By
Jordan Downey

Music by
Nick Soole

Website/Social Media
Jordan Downey
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Our Verdict
Critters: Bounty Hunter is an incredibly well made fan film that actually has better production values than the original Critters movies. The Bounty hunter costume and the Critter puppet are spot on and it manages to capture the dark humor of the Critters movies perfectly. Props to whoever decided to end with a big cheesy rock song over the credits too!

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Fan Movie Watch
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 1 reviews
by s20 on Fan Movie Watch

Man, that's just good sh** right there. If you like Critters (and, I guess, Critters 2), then this is just good fun. Not a lot here, but what's here fits in great with the rest of the... Critterverse? ... and is just plain fun.

I'm gonna go watch Critters now, in fact. Man, I haven't seen it in probably 20 years.