Dark Legacy – A Star Wars Fan Film

A live action Star Wars fan film where a young Sith apprentice undergoes her final piece of training as she battles her master.

Dark Legacy is Directed by
Anthony Pietromonaco

Produced by
Chadd Dorak

Written By
Anthony Pietromonaco

Music by
Michael Meinhart

Erin Wu, Fabien Garcia, Dave Thomas

Website/Social Media
Anthony Pietromonaco

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Our Verdict
Even though we know a lot about the training of Jedi, the ways of training as a Sith have been a lot more elusive over the course of the Star Wars movies.  Dark Legacy gives a welcome bit of insight into the process and features an incredibly tense lightsaber battle as the apprentice takes on the master. The whole film is incredibly well done, but when the fight plunges into total darkness it turns into one of the best lightsaber duels ever seen in the Star Wars Universe. Having the lighsabers as the sole light-source is a masterstroke and makes for a very intense experience where you litterally hold your breath every time both lightsabers vanish!

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