Dawn Under Heaven — A Halo Fan Film

A Halo fan film that takes place during the fall of planet Reach and sees a squad of Spartans facing overwhelming odds as they attempt to recover a powerful relic before the Covenant capture the planet.

Directed by
Wade Wowjcik

Produced by
Wade Wowjcik, Travis Hargreaves, Lee Anderson, Ben Robertson, Melissa Randall, David Ishida

Written By
Wade Wowjcik, Travis Hargreaves

Music by
Ryan Robert Jones

Kellen Berg, Emeline O’Hara, Ben Robertson, Tom Ringberg, Austin Vockrodt, Tristian James Jensen, Katie Palacio, Ken Melchior, Joe Sheller, Travis Hargreaves, Arnold James, Kelly Nelson, Kaylaanne Glick, Kelly Thirkhill

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Dawn Under Heaven

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Our Verdict
It’s a little cheesy at times but the production values are pretty impressive and it’s certainly better than the Forward Unto Dawn series. The acting is solid and the narrative is interesting, managing to bring a little emotion into what could easily just have been a film about gung ho space soldiers running around blasting things.

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