DOTA 2: The Masked Warrior – A DOTA 2 Fan Film

DOTA 2: The Masked Warrior is a DOTA 2 fan film that takes place many years after the great war and sees The Masked Warrior making an appearance after being accosted by a gang of bandits.

DOTA 2: The Masked Warrior is Directed by
Dary Ow, Mark Putian Asst

Produced by
Daryl Kervin Sanchez, Bananamangotango, Mike Frianaza

Written By
Dary Ow

Music by
Josh Gapasin

Ryan De Vera, Rodolfo Muyuela, Joel Garcia, Allan Salamnca, Zack Bulatao, Kuya Bata, Sir Rex Kantatero, Francis Chan

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Our Verdict
It’s a very short fan film, but the cinematography, choreography and visual FX are all excellent.  As soon as you see The Masked Warrior standing there with his glowing eyes and katana you know those bandits are all doomed. Hopefully he didn’t really attack that poor old man though!

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