Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men

A dark and atmospheric Dragon Ball Z fan film set in an alternate universe where CELL has lain waste to the planet and TRUNKS sets out to avenge the fallen.

Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men is Directed by
Yohan Faure

Produced by
Yohan Faure & Vianney Griffon

Written By
Yohan Faure

Music by
Stephane Lopez

Benjamin Hubert, Aurelie Dujarrier, Cristophe Perez, Samuel Aldritch, Juliette Cientre, Bastien Guio, Carole Labouze, Romain Lapiere

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Our Verdict
Dragon Ball Z lore can sometimes be hard to follow and that’s no different here, but taken on it’s a remarkable fan film. The visual FX are fantastic, the acting is great and the sound design is superb. In fact the production values of Ball Z: The Fall of Men easily surpasses those of the Anime series it’s based on. There’s plenty of fan service and a suitably over the top fight sequence to keep fans of the series happy too.

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