Exile: Episode 1 – A Star Wars Fan Film

A Star Wars fan film that takes place before the events of Episode IV and sees the Galactic Empire using an Inquisitor to hunt down and kill any Jedi in hiding.

Exile Directed by
Pokey Spears, Noel Braham

Produced by
Mario Contini, Georginna Savoye, Lyndon Berresford, Philip Michael, Michael Simpson Jr, Sean Nobles, Michael Chance

Written By
Noel Braham

Music by
Ryan Leach

Noel Braham, Pokey Spears, Georginna Savoye, Bria Roberts, Sal Perales, Brent Rudmann, Ben Baker, Dupree Jones, Christopher Robert Baker, Emmanuel Paja

Website/Social Media
Noel Braham

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Our Verdict
The opening scene of this fan film is incredible in itself, with excellent fight choreography, a few familiar faces (or masks anyway) and a surprisingly brutal use of the force to remove a beating heart! The main story isn’t quite as accomplished, but delivers a heartfelt narrative, great acting and some more well choreographed combat. Great stuff.

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