Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film

A live action Futurama fan film. Hold onto your space-boots, this one’s going to get pretty weird!

Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film is Directed by
Dan Lanigan

Produced by
Martin Meunier, Kody Frederick, Katie Lanigan, Adam Cook

Written by
Dan Lanigan, Andy Klimczak, Kody Frederick

Music by
Llana Barron

Kody Frederick, Katie Lanigan Bender, Brock Baker, Andy Klimczak, Marshall Porter, Olivia Yang, Vic Mignogna, Charlie Ebersol, Richard Little, Dan Lanigan, Elena Pearl, Llana Barron

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Our Verdict
Due to a lot of the bizarre prosthetic and costumes, Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film can take a little getting used to. It’s hard to focus on anything else when Liela’s massive eye is on-screen, but if you manage to look past it, Dan Lanigan has managed to do a surprisingly good job of turning a 2D cartoon into a 3D live action movie. The writing has plenty of great Futurama syle humor and actors all manage to bring the characters to life (if you squint at them from a distance).

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