Force of Darkness: Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader

A Star Wars fan film that pits Kylo Ren against his grandfather in an epic battle to the death.

Force of Darkness is Directed by
Seize the Frame

Produced by
Seize the Frame

Music by
Alexander Cimini, Mikeal Israelsson, Mattias Lindqvist.

Anthony Sevins, Matthew Brando, Tom Schalk

Website/Social Media
Seize the Frame

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Our Verdict
An impressive Star Wars fan film with high production values and a great battle between he titular characters. It all feels very cinematic and the combat doesn’t disappoint.

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 1 reviews
by Grady Nichols on Fan Movie Watch
__________________Thoughts of a Star Wars fan on a fan-film.__________________

An excellent video with superb quality and incredible lightsaber choreography. I love how this video actually showcases the fact that Kylo Ren is superior to Darth Vader, albeit barely, because this is a truth that very few individuals acknowledge within the Star Wars Community simply because of Vader’s popularity. Power determines status, not popularity. Unfortunately, this website is broken, so I cannot view it on here, but I have seen the video on YouTube and recommended it to several of my friends who don’t have YouTube to watch on here. Please fix this issue, Sieze the Frame. Love your guys’ video, thank you so much, and God bless you.