Galactic Battles 2018 – The Ultimate Crossover Fan Film

An ultimate Sci-Fi crossover fan film that mashes up the Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect and Halo universes!

Directed by
Calvin Romeyn

Produced by
Calvin Romeyn, Nick Romick, Fred Smith, Steve Des Roches

Written By
Rovin J. Onas

Music by
Jose Pavli

Mark Meer (who is the actual original voice of Shepard in the games!), Belinda Cornish, Calvin Romeyn, Tina Romeyn, Ryan Yoshitani, Ian Matheson, Peter White, Sam Romeyn, Barry Ostash, Debbie Low, Conrad Nedelec, Drew Higgs, Greg Thomas, Jordan Dyhengco, Courtney Pozzolo, Fred Smith, Kieth Yound, Nick Romick, Steve Des Roches, Murray Peeters, Calvin Wray, Kevin Hickman, Shane Heins, Alex Mutimer

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Calvin Romeyn

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Our Verdict
The acting is patchy at best but the costume design and visual FX are excellent and there’s plenty of fan service. The space battles are particularly epic. It’s great fun seeing the Normandy, The Enterprise, the Pillar of Autumn and the Millennium Falcon flying around in the same battle and it’s interesting to see how they deal with the different universe’s enemy ships that they encounter. Be sure to check out the post credits sequence for another fun surprise!

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 2 reviews
by AIO Yoituber TV on Fan Movie Watch
__________________A fan film?__________________

Wow... I first thought this is official. The Fx are amazing and thr ship looks real.

by KiethStar on Fan Movie Watch
_________________The Force Is Strong With This One_________________

Wow, the FX are amazing! The acting is pretty rough but its great to see the Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect and Halo universes all come together!