Generation 1: Hero – A Transformers Fan Film

A delightfully cheesy Transformers fan film that combines remote control vehicles and cardboard costumes to tell a charming story based on the first generation of Transformers.

Generation 1: Hero is Directed by
Lior Molcho

Produced by

Written By
Lior Molcho, Danit Sigler, Itay Muller

Music by
Joe Rubinstein

Steve Paduano, Jay Zarecki, Celeste Durham, Emily Greene, Salvador Mendez, and Mira Mackiewicz, Tauri Icenogle, Angel Torres, Marc DuBos, Jay Zarecki, Adam Comeaux, William Rodrigue, Justin Chakos, Kevin G. O’Connor, Trey Moore, Josh Castonguay, and Jon Bailey

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Our Verdict
There’s a budget Godzilla/Power Rangers-esque vibe to the costume design and visual FX but it works surprisingly well and there are some great touches – such as the mouth animation and the scene transitions. The voice work is excellent and costumes may not be as spectacular as Michael Bay’s efforts, but they’ve got a lot more character and retain the charm of the original toys/cartoon series. It the next Transformers movie was a feature length version of this, that wouldn’t be so bad!

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