Justice League: Dawn of Apokolips

A feature length live action Justice League fan film that follows on from the events of The Shattered Paragon, which sees Supergirl returning from the dead and Darkseid attempting to unleash hell on Earth.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Shattered Paragon is Directed by
Nathaniel Shields

Ralph Giordano

Written By
Nathaniel Shields

Music by
Ashton Gleckman

Ben Johnson, Wesley Clark, Laura Jerdak, Alex Niforatos, Sly Clayton, Paige Awtrey, Matt Block, Key Dieck, Nikki Chantiny, Jay Giordano, Bruce Carter, Catherine McGuire, Nicole Goeke, Cliff Cage, Arik Wallace, Michael Tramaglino, Collin Blackford

Website/Social Media
SHIELDS Productions

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Our Verdict
It’s an ambitious fan film with a lot of heart that ends up being a bit of a mixed bag. There’s some good acting and some bad acting, good costumes and bad costumes, and an eclectic quality to the special FX. It’s an entertaining romp though and it’s clearly a work of passion.

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