Knightmare: Killing Joker

A dark and twisted little Batman fan film the follows the Joker as he gets up to no good as he spends a little time out of Arkham Asylum.

Knightmare: Killing Joker is Directed by
Jordon D. Foss

Written By
Jordon D. Foss

Dustyn Gulledge, Tyler Burke, Tayla Fernandez, Michael Mantone, Jose Rosete, Stephanie Gail Williams & Tyquan Givens

Website/Social Media
Palm Drive

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Our Verdict
A satisfyingly dark take on the Batman franchise with some surprising moments and a particularly ghoulish looking Joker. The cinematography, acting and visual FX are all very well done. This iteration of the Joker is a little more evil and a little less playful than previous movie versions and it makes for a very tense experience.

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