L4ST – A The Last of Us Fan Film

A The Last of Us fan film where two survivors break into a seemingly abandoned building in search of food.

L4ST is Directed by
Mikko Löppönen

Produced by
Ville Lumioksa, Mikko Löppönen

Jesse Liskola, Jessica Wolff, Jyrki Könnömäki, Ari Savonen, Pepe Karai, Arman Ansari, Iqbal Safi, Hameed Ohramäki, Tuomo Kujala, Krista Lehtoranta, Miss Liddles, Farhad Kheirkhah, Ville Lumioksa

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Our Verdict
It’d be nice to see more of the infected, but the combat against the survivors is satisfyingly brutal and it does manage to recreate the same vibe as The Last of Us (largely thanks to the excellent soundtrack). The production values are high and even though you only spend a little time with the two main characters you do root for them (even though it’s their fault that the conflict started in the first place).

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