Lost Tales of the Republic: The Purge – Episode 2

The second instalment of a three part trilogy, that takes place after Palpatine executes Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. This episode see the young Jedi and his Stormtrooper buddy having a run-in with a deadly Sith assassin.

Lost Tales of the Republic is Directed by
Noah Fleder

Produced by
Steve Kirk

Written By
Andrew Severin, Noah Fleder

Music by
Joe Sanders

Andrew Franklin, Matt Shipley, Megan Le, Bebop, Genji

Website/Social Media
Osu Films

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Our Verdict
Another well shot fan film with great fight choreography and an interesting story. The highlight of this episode of undoubtedly Megan Le’s delightfully evil Sith assassin who clearly takes pleasure in her job!

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