Master of shadow – A Star Wars Fan Film

A Star Wars fan film that takes place after the Rebel Aliance has crushed the Galactic Empire. The Sith are in hiding but the Jedi go in search of an artefat that could have some serious repercussions

Master of shadow is Directed by
Jeremie Sery

Produced by
Jeremie Sery

Music by
Mark Griskey, Gordy Haab, Lennie Moore, Wilbert Roget

Leslie Carles, Nicky Naudé, Tiffany Tourn, Albert Sezikeye, Jerôme Thevenet, Franck Neckebrock, Sebastien Gill

Website/Social Media
J Serry

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Our Verdict
The narrative feels a little disjointed at times and some of the acting is a bit rough, but it’s an impressive fan film with high production values and some great special FX.  It’d be interesting to learn exactly what they intend to do with the plans for Darth Vader’s helmet, but at the very least it’ll give them some cool head-wear!

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