MGS: Philanthropy

A Metal Gear Solid fan film that takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and sees Snake attempting to infiltrate a secure facility and extract a corrupt American senator.

Directed by
Giacomo Talamini

Produced by
Giacomo Talamini

Written By
Giacomo Talamini

Music by
Aoife Ferry

Giacomo Talamini, Phillip Sacramento, Patrizia Liccardi

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Our Verdict
This is part one of a planned three part adventure and unfortunately due to licencing issues part two is never going to be made (though you can see eleven minutes of footage that was released here). It’s a shame the project got cancelled as it showed promise. The visual FX were a bit rough, some of the acting is pretty cheesy and the narrative didn’t make a whole lot of sense (then again it is Metal Gear!), but it’s entertaining (particularly if you’re a MGS fan) and the combination of Giacomo Talamini’s physical acting and Philipp Scramento’s voice acting work bring Snake to life.

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