Michael Vs Jason: Evil Emerges

A Halloween and Friday the 13th fan film that pits Michael and Jason against each other in a fight to the death.

Directed by
Luke Pedder

Written By
Luke Pedder

Joshua Pedder, John Pedder, Cristopher Goldup, Michael Holmes, Jaxon Green, Scott Mayne, Luke Pedder, Vicroria Pedder

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Radical Talent

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Our Verdict
It’s quite low budget and the acting during the build up is pretty cheesy but when the horror legends meet up then you’re treated to over 10 glorious minutes of them kicking the crap out of each other. The costumes and the movement of both characters are perfect and the fact that Jason and Michael are both nigh invincible means that their fight could go on forever!

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by CaRnAGE on Fan Movie Watch
_________________What a Fight!_________________

The first half wasn't great, but when the fighting starts then it's amazing! My money's still on Jason though!