Moon Knight – Marvel Fan Film

A Moon Knight fan film that follow the four spilt personalities of Marc Spector (Steven Grant the stockbroker, Jake Lockley the Late night taxi driver, Marc Spector the Retired mercenary and Moon Knight the mask wearing punisher of the night) as they unmask a conspiracy and dish out justice.

Moon Knight is Directed by
Caden Butera

Written By
Caden Butera

Music by
Rylan Butera

Tim Altevers, Charles Fletcher, Stephen Morton, Mark Butera, Kyle Ross, Bill Bancroft, Max Jordan, Pavel Chernichenko, John Risky Boltz, Jerry Buxbaum, Micah Swet, Cecil Douglas Trail, Ben Burke, Mathias Oliver, Morecedes Brown, Shannon Stroup, Kenny Powell, Junko Cruz, Dane Larson, Teo Damitio, Matt Higgins, Carly Williams, Erik Jackson, Josiah Hoffman, John Gessner, Cade Richardson, Joe Cruzaedo-Wagner

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Caden Butera

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Our Verdict
Moon Knight is a lesser known Marvel character but a very interesting one thanks to the fact that he has four distinct split personalities, each of which serves a purpose as he seeks out criminals and dishes out justice. This fan film does a great job of bringing each of the personalities to life and does a great job of recreating the dark and mature feeling of the comics. When the titular Moon Knight does turn up then he looks and acts the part. The fight choreography isn’t perfect, but it’s satisfyingly brutal and the voice-over really makes it, with killer lines like “Why do I wear the white? Darker colors make it harder to see the blood”.

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by Caden Butera on Fan Movie Watch

10/10 stars. Perfection.