“More Machine Than Man” – A Star Wars Fan Film (Director’s Cut)

A Funny little Star Wars fan film where Obi Wan Kenobi takes a little time to describe in graphic detail how he chopped off his fathers arms and legs, leading to him becoming “more machine than man”.

Directed by
Mark W. Gray

Produced by
Mark W. Gray

Written By
Mark W. Gray

Mark W. Gray and Travis Richie

Website/Social Media
Mark W. Gray

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Our Verdict
The Yoda muppet is a delight, but it’s the main scene between Obi Wan and Luke that offers the most laughs. It’s great spoof of the scene in Return of the Jedi where Obi Wan’s Force ghost turns up to explain how Luke’s father turned into Darth Vader. Obi Wan may have glossed over a few of the details of how it happened in the official film but this fan film sets it straight. It makes for a very funny scene and the look on Luke’s face as Obi Wan tells him he chopped off his fathers arms and legs is priceless!

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