Revenge of the Mask 2

A Mask fan film that follows on from 2018’s excellent Revenge of the Mask fan film, following Alan as he hunts down the gang that’s after him and a couple of detectives try to get to the bottom of it all.

Revenge of the Mask 2 is Directed by
Lance Kawas

Produced by
Lance Kawas and Christina M. Tomlinson

Written By
Dylan Sides and Kyle Parker

Music by
Pierre vaucher

Michael Bugard & Tim Parrish

Website/Social Media
Revengeofthemask Film

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Our Verdict
The original movie was very well done, but this sequel is superb. The acting is excellent, the production values are higher and REALLY ups the violence and the comedy. There are some great little moments and fun little gags throughout, and it’s nice to see that one person can really make a difference (by murdering 200 bad guys).

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