Revenge of the Mask

A surprisingly brutal and mature fan film based on the original Dark Horse The Mask comics (not the Jim Carrey movie). It’s recommended to watch the short prequel film (Rise of the Mask) first.

Directed by
Lance Kawas

Produced by
Dylan Sides

Written By
Christina M. Tomlinson

Music by
Pierre vaucher, Danheim

Michael Bugard & Tim Parrish

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Our Verdict
Revenge of the Mask delivers a much darker, brutal and serious take on the Dark Horse The Mask comics than the Jim Carrey movie. There are some funny moments but on the whole it swaps physical comedy for physical brutality and it delivers a fantastic little movie in the process. It’s not often that you get fan films that are longer than fifteen minutes which also manage to sustain high production standards and a worthwhile story but Revenge of the Mask does a very good job, with good acting, great cinematography and high quality visual FX throughout. There are some excellent gross-out moment and Michael Bugard does a particularly good job of delivering a delightfully dark and deranged take on the green-faced anti-hero.

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 1 reviews
by Robin on Fan Movie Watch
__________________Wow, that was dark!__________________

Was initially expecting something more akin to the Carrey Movie, but this got incredibly dark. Loved it!