Rise of the Catwoman Chapter 1 – DC Comics Fan Film

A Catwoman-less fan film that tells the origin story of Catwoman, with Selina Kyle doing jobs as a street level cat burglar for Sal Maroni’s gang. With an intro scene starring Lee Meriwether the original Catwoman from the 1960’s Batman series.

Directed by
Markiss McFadden

Produced by
Michael Tushaus

Written By
Stephen Krstulich

Music by
Eric Rickey

Elly Brown, Joe Palubinsky

Website/Social Media
Hidden Vault Films

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Our Verdict
Unfortunately as this is just the first episode of a series that’s probably never going to get made we’ll most likely get to see Selina actually become the ass-kicking catsuit wearing Catwoman (though the nightvision shades are a nice touch). The production standards of Rise of the Catwoman are fantastic though, with good acting, cinematic visuals and an interesting plot. This intro and outro scenes with Lee Meriwether (the OG Catwoman) are particularly nice touches that makes the whole thing feel that much more authentic.

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