Rise of the Mask

A brutal and bloody take on Dark Horse’s The Mask comics and a prequel to the upcoming Revenge of the Mask fan film, which tells the tale of three people who were tasked by Odin to catch Loki and capture his power.

Directed by
Lance Kawas

Produced by
Dylan Sides

Written By
Christina M. Tomlinson

Music by
Pierre vaucher, Danheim

Bobby Laenen, Peter Herold, Michael Bugard, and Linda Douglas

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Our Verdict
The tone of Rise of the Mask is very different from the Jim Carrey movie, with very little physical comedy and a lot of physical brutality. The shift in tone is for the best though as any attempt to do that type of movie without Carrey would certainly fall flat (as evidenced by the terrible sequels). This darker take on The Mask comics works very well and is backed up with some great cinematography and a well choreographed fight scene. It bodes well for the upcoming feature length Revenge of the Mask fan film which is due to release soon (we’ll keep you posted).

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