Shrek Retold

The entire first Shrek movie recreated scene by scene by over 200 different people, with each creator given free reign to recreate the scenes however they like.

Shrek Retold is Created by
Over 200 people – Full list here:

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Our Verdict
Due to the fact that it includes over 200 unique visions of the Lucasfilm original, this fan film feels like a schizophrenic fever dream. The animation, acting, singing and costume design can range from awful to surprisingly accomplished and the tone varies from full on parody to downright disturbing. Taken as a whole it’s a fascinating experience that you can’t stop watching as you’re never sure what weird and wonderful delights will pop up on your screen next. Also, bearing in-mind that Shrek For Ever After exists, it’s far from the word Shrek movie ever made!

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 9 reviews
by Elisa on Fan Movie Watch
______________It's an incredible combination of styles______________

It's impressive, it's wonderful, it's terrifying, it's a job well done. The art styles change when you least expect it making it surprising and unusual in the best way possible. A total inside joke for our generation.

by uhhhhhhh..... on Fan Movie Watch
_________________*stares at a wall while blinking*_________________

I feel like this is what taking drugs would be like....

by parker on Fan Movie Watch

this is one of those amazing projects you become bummed that you didnt get to be a part of. god what a movie

by Ellie on Fan Movie Watch
_________________Simultaneously Better and Worse Than I Expected_________________

It's a beautiful love story to the childhood film we grew up with: a weird and wonderful montage of talented artists, animators, and actors. The movie is as memorable as it is meme-able. There's never a dull moment as each scene keeps you on your toes and leaves you saying, "I did not see that coming!"

by Lucifer on Fan Movie Watch
_________________Idk what i just watched_________________

But that was f*****g amazing

by Celina on Fan Movie Watch
_________________A True Blessing_________________

This cured my depression, I've never laughed so hard in my life. Everyone who contributed did amazing work, thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this masterpiece.

by shrekfurevr on Fan Movie Watch
_________________a creative twist_________________

This movie was incredibly amazing and well done too! I hope you'll make another one for Shrek 2! ^_^

by Shrekmonger on Fan Movie Watch
_________________A Warped Masterpiece_________________

This is one of the best things I've seen all year. Taken individually each scene is a mixed bag, but as a whole it's incredible. As soon as you press play you can't take your eyes off it.

by smashmouth69 on Fan Movie Watch

a modern masterpiece