Star Wars: A New Employee Orientation

A very funny little animated Star Wars fan film which sees The Emperor and Darth Vader giving some new recruits a tour of the Death Star.

Directed by
Collin Murphy, Jared Hundley

Animated by
Jared Hundley

Written By
Collin Murphy, Jared Hundley

Buzz Hundley, Chris Cashman, Christian Conn, Collin Murphy, Jared Hundley, Kenneth Sharpe, Gabe Hundley, Gavin Hundley.

Website/Social Media
Jared Hundley

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Our Verdict
The animation and voicework in this little fan film are superb and the gags are hilarious. There are lots of great little in-jokes and the Death Star actually  looks like a fun place to work – maybe if they’d of fitted those Thermal Exhaust Port Covers it whould have stayed that way!

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