Star Wars: A New Hope – Animotion Trailer

A fan made movie trailer that re-imagines Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope as an Anime movie, complete with Japanese voice-work and a Luke that looks suspiciously like Ken from Street Fighter!

Star Wars: A New Hope – Animotion Trailer is Created by
Dmitry Grozov, aka Ahriman

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Our Verdict
An excellent little fan film that nails the Anime styling while still feeling authentically like a Star Wars flick. The animation and sound design are excellent, and a particular highlight are the “Animified” versions of classic Star Wars character like Luke, Leia and Obi Wan Kenobi – all of which look very little like they do in the movie, but look exactly what an Anime interpenetration of them would be – so Leia has massive eyes, Luke looks like a young version of Ken from Street Fighter move and Obi One Kenobi looks more like a badass than an old man. An official Anime retelling of A New Hope will probably never happen, but this little trailer gives a great taste of how epic it would be.

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