Star Wars: Destroyer

A pair of Rebel X-Wing pilots attempt to prevent a crippled Star Destroyer from crashing into an unprotected city on a nearby planet.

Star Wars: Destroyer is Directed by
Arya Moghaddam

Produced by
Rakan Al-Baz, William Barfiled, Mike Clouse, Tyler Forrest, David Franco, Arya Moghaddam, Christopher Parks

Written By
Brennan Kilpatrick, Area Moghaddam, Christopher Parks

Music by
Ian Arber

Andrea Nelson, Ben Begley, Keith Cherry, Gregg Land

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Our Verdict
Star Wars: Destroyer is a perfect little self contained Star Wars adventure with excellent visual FX and authentic feeling space combat. There’s a great sense of scale as the two X-Wing pilots face off against the hulking Star Destroyer and a great sense of peril as it hurtles towards the precariously built sky city. The space combat is very well done and the banter between the two pilots feels natural, with the whole sequence feeling like just another day’s work for the pair.

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