Star Wars: Dying Hope

A short Star Wars fan film which takes place decades after the Galactic Empire all but wiped out the Jedi. Inquisitors now hunt down any remaining Jedi and they’ve just been alerted about an unknown force user on a remote planet in the Outer Rim.

Directed by
Ryan Riffle

Written By
Ryan Riffle & John Tinsley

Music by and

Michael Ochotorena, John Tinsley, Lukas Klugh, Eric Quesenberry, Saladeen Ellis, Shravan Aras

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Our Verdict
It’s clearly shot on a low budget and the set design could do with a little work to make it look a little less Earth-like, but otherwise it’s a great little fan film. There are some impressive visual FX shots, the acting is good, the reveal of who the Jedi is is very well done and the fight scene is well choreographed.

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