Star Wars: Resilience – A Star Wars Fan Film

A German language Star Wars fan film (with English subtitles), that takes place after the Battle of Yavin and sees two citizens on the run from a group of Mandalorian mercenaries.

Star Wars: Resilience is Directed by
Maximilian Fischer

Produced by
Maximilian Fischer

Written By
Maximilian Fischer, Dennis Fischer

Music by
Joscha Grunewald

Richard Gessel, Christopher Lang, Alexander Seibert, Christoph Wild, Alexander von Egen, Holger Kühn

Website/Social Media
SW Resilience

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Our Verdict
The acting isn’t great and there’s not a whole lot of narrative, but the costume design is excellent and Star Wars: Resilience introduces a few things never seen in the movies – such as the Mandalorian mercenary group, Jedi’s force ability and a ridiculously cool looking Sith Stormtrooper. Forget the main characters, that Sith Stormtrooper deserves his own film!

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