Star Wars: Revelations

An ambitous Star Wars fan film that takes place before the events in A New Hope, as the Jedi are hunted to extinction and Darth Vader competes with Zhanna, The Emperor’s Hand to curry favor with the Emperor.

Star Wars: Revelations is Directed by
Shane Felux

Produced by
Dawn Cowlings

Written By
Dawn Cowlings, Sarah Yaworsky

Music by
Chris Bouchard

Gina Hernandez, Karen Hammang, Frank Hernandez, Holland Gedney, Shane Felux, Joe Lancaster, Kevin Zabawa, Errol Spat Oktan

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Star Wars: Revelations

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Our Verdict
It looks more like low budget Star Wars TV show rather than one of the movies, but Revelations is an impressive fan film with an interesting story, some great acing and some surprisingly good visual FX.

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