Supermen: World War

A feature length Superman fan film htat takes place near then end of WWII and sees Superman facing off against Hitler and his Nazi super-soldiers.

Supermen: World War is Directed by
Donny Callahan

Produced by
Donny Callahan, Kevin Caliber, Kevin Eaton

Written By
Donny Callahan, Jeff Callahan and Laura Candice

Music by
Brandon K. Rivera

Kerri Miller, Kevin Caliber, Charlee Soffer, (Scott Michael Dunn

Website/Social Media
Donald Callahan

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Our Verdict
An ambitious project that with some great acting and an interesting setting. Not the most spectacle-filled fan film, but it’s well shot, the fight scenes are well choreographed, it has a great story and a vibe that hearkens back to the classic 1950s TV show.

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