The Birth Of Flowey – An UNDERTALE Fan Film

A short UNDERTALE fan film that describes how Flowey was brought into the world.

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Iron Horse Cinema

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Our Verdict
A short, but well made little fan film that gives a little back story to one of UNDERTALE’s most memorable characters. It would be nice to see a little more of Flowey in action, but he does make a brief appeance in this live action UNDERTALE movie trailer too.

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Everyone who has played Undertale knows Flowey is Asriel, Asgore and Toriel’s son, who died after Chara died to give Asriel her soul to become powerful enough to cross the barrier. When Asriel got to the other side he was met with fear and weapons so he fled the humans and died in the flowers in his father’s, king Asgore’s, garden. And now Chara really wants us to kill because her soul is not able to be used. It was dusted after Asriel absorbed it and was killed. Thank you for reading my review on what Toby Fox has said happened by words from his characters.