The Confession of Fred Krueger

A dark and gritty A Nightmare on Elm Street fan film which tells the story of Freddy Krueger before he was killed and started stalking the nightmares of teenagers.

The Confession of Fred Krueger is Directed by
Nathan Thomas Milner

Produced by
PJ Sparks

Written By
Nathan Thomas Milner

Music by
Martyn Jacques, The Tiger Lillies and Misery Guts

Kevin Roach, Thomas Dunbar, Todd Reynolds

Website/Social Media
Rebel Rouser Comics

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Our Verdict
A dark and unsettling fan film that manages to be even more horrifying than the movies by exposing the child murdering monster Freddy is and what drove him to his dark deeds. The story and acting are very well done and the film does a good job of instilling Freddy with a real sense of danger, rather than the jokey pantomime baddie he turned into in the later films.

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