The Distant Echo: A Star Wars Fan Film

A Star Wars fan film that takes place during the events of The Last Jedi and sees Rey facing her worst fears as she carries out a test that Luke once failed. Please note that this is sequel of sorts to Legends, which takes place on an alternate timeline to Episodes 7 and 8 and it’s highly recommended watching first.

The Distant Echo is Directed by
Tye Nelson

Produced by
Tye Nelson

Written By
Tye Nelson

Music by
Seth Neuffer

Hailey Nebeker, Jaci Twiss, Tye Nelson, Hunter Nelson, Andrew Peters, Robbie Damewood, Rio Van Zant

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Our Verdict
A very impressive fan film once you get over the fact that the actors look nothing like the original actors and Luke is a little bit odd. The costume design is excellent, the visual FX are very well done and the fighting is well choreographed. The way it It ties into the events of Episode 7 and 8 while still acknowledging that the alternate timeline of Legends (the previous instalment of this fan film series which was released before Episode 7) still exists is pretty clever and it makes for quite a trippy fight scene as character alternate between the cannon and Legends versions of themselves.

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