The End of Pokemon

The End of Pokemon is a surprisingly dark Anime styled Pokémon fan film which sees Ash fighting back against a society that enslaves sentient creatures and forces them to fight to the death for their enjoyment.

The End of Pokemon is Directed by
Luis Pelayo Junquera and Enol Junquera

Produced by
Adi Shankar, Jeremy Azevedo, Vikram Salgaocar, Damien Haas, Alex Greenfield, Ben Powell

Animated By
Juanma Laguna, Laura Rabanal, Spundman, Borja Sauras, Bruno Suarez, Luis Pelayo Junquera, Enol Junquera

Music by
Marcos Cabal

Brock Baker, Erika Ishii, Britanni Johnson, Lyle Burruss, Kenlon Clark

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Our Verdict
It’s about time that someone addressed how inhumane catching sentient creatures and forcing them to fight is and seeing Ash’s fight to “free ’em all” is glorious.  The animation is superb and surprisingly brutal. There’s lots of fan service and Pokémon to spot, and there’s even a little nod to Hotline Miami’s animal masks.

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by Jarvis on Fan Movie Watch
__________________THAT WAS F***ING AWESOME!__________________

Man, I wish this would be turned into a full feature length movie (though it never will). The story-line is genuinely compelling and its a wonderfully dark twist on the world of Pokémon.