The Goonies 2 – A Goonies Fan Film

A fun little fan fade Goonies film that serves as an into to (non-existent) Goonies sequel and follows a new bunch of kids as they find another secret hidden on One Eye’s Willie’s map.

The Goonies 2 is Directed by
Ryan Adams

Produced by
Movie Nerds

Written By
Ryan Adams

Music by
Pierre Duyker

Theo Masters, Cooper Hall, Alexandra Cushway

Website/Social Media
Movie Nerds

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Our Verdict
The film ends just as the real adventure is about to start but it’s a great premise for a Goonies sequel. The new kids are likeable enough with Will stepping into the Mikey role and Specs seeming like a blend of Mouth and Data. A full Goonies sequel would of course need a slightly larger cast of kids though and it’d need someone to bring the comic relief that Chunk did in the original.

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