The Last Jedi: Part II – A Star Wars Fan Film

The second in a series of Star Wars fan films shot in 2014, which follows a young Jedi (and the last Jedi in the universe) as he completes his training in preparation for a battle against the Sith.

Directed by
Joel Loukus

Produced by
Sam Slater, Tyr Rollins, Joel Loukus

Sam Slater, Daniel Mascarello, Vicki Parks, Diante Dozier, Bradley Irish, Chris Harper, Tyr Rollins, Noah Wilson, Dominique Marro, Anthony Balbosa

Website/Social Media
Apsis Motion Pictures

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Our Verdict
Not as cinematic as the previous instalment and the stakes are a little lower but a decent fan film that helps build towards the finale in Part III. Filmed on a limited budget, but the visual FX are good and the use of combat training holograms is interesting.

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