The Last of Us: Part 3 – A Fan Film

A climactic finale to the The Last of Us fan film trilogy that recreates the ending of The Last of Us, where Joel and Ellie have finally made it the the Fireflies’ base.

The Last of Us: Part 3 is Directed by
Sy Cody White

Produced by
Jeff Moffitt, Jason Lee Hess & Sy Cody White

Music by
Gustavo Santaolalla, The Outbreak

Jeff Moffitt, Kate Sutherlin McLeod, Kele Mogotsi, Daniel Berkey, Aaron J. Young, Madison Hine

Website/Social Media
Iron Horse Cinema

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Our Verdict
A perfect ending to an excellent trilogy of fan films. The ending of The Last of Us is one of the most memorable moments in gaming for the last decade so it’s particularly enjoyable to see it recreated in live action. Including the death of Joel’s real daughter at the beginning is a clever touch that helps you realise why he refuses to let Ellie die and the appearance of the half-infected Firefly soldier is an interesting twist.

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