The Legend of Zelda: A Live Action Movie Trailer

A fan made live action Legend of Zelda movie trailer with a swelling music score, epic vistas and familiar characters from Ocarina of Time.

Directed by
Ideas for Hollywood

Produced by
Ideas for Hollywood

Written By
Derek Davidson and Devan Davidson

Kenny Matthews, Jenny, Cyrus, Ainsley Bircher, Amberly Plourde, Dannica D, Derek Davidson, Bailey N, Silas C, Devan Davidson, Nate Lye, Megan Baker, Brett Hansen, Becca Lye, Leah Christen, Chad Hansen, Jacob Davidson

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Our Verdict
Some video game franchises should never be made into movies but the rich fantasy world of Hyrule is perfect for a big screen adaptation. This three minute trailer gives a glimpse of what a Zelda movie could be and it looks pretty damn good. It’s not perfect – a lot of the props look quite plasticy – but the soundtrack, voice-overs and beautiful vistas make it feel like a Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy epic. Nintendo won’t make this movie, but they really should!

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