The Lost Patrol – A Star Wars Fan Film

A Star Wars fan film that takes place after the destruction of the Death Star and sees a group of X-Wing and Y-Wing pilots searching for a Rebel patrol that’s gone missing.

The Lost Patrol is Directed by
Daniel John Harris

Produced by
Jeff Harris

Written By
Jeff Harris & Daniel John Harris

Kara Davidson, Tiffany Yvone-Cox, Kai Young, Orion Ray-Sleeprer, Sean O’Neil, Kasey O’Brien

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Our Verdict
A very authentic feeling Star Wars adventure, with good acting, great costume design and (for the most part) visual FX look on par with the original movies. It’d be nice if the story had a bit more substance to it as there’s no big reveal or even any sighting of the Rebel patrol they were searching for. A fun (if not particularly essential) little Star Wars fan film.

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