The Sailor Moon Fan Film: The Way The Cookie Crumbles

A Sailor Moon fan film that sees Sailor Moon and pals on theor way to take a test while the evil Nephrite hunts for the Rainbow Crystals.

The Sailor Moon Fan Film is Directed by
Fred Grant

Produced by
Fred Grant, Tori Durin Purcell, Giacomo Santangelo, David Paradise

Written By
Greg Garrison

Music by
Haoran Li

Tori Durin Purcell, Katie George, Anna Faith, Riley LeCotey, Jane Sin Zabate, Sam Schneider, Marianne Johnson, Naomi Mack, Karsi Johnson, Melting Mirror, Michael Bow

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Our Verdict
It’s pretty cheesy, but in a good way and it does a good job of recreating the original Anime’s vibe. The costume design and special FX work well and the characters are all pretty close to the originals. A quirky and lighthearted little Anime inspired adventure.

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