The Splinter Cell: Part 2

A sequel to the original 2014 live action Splinter Cell fan film where Sam Fisher infiltrates a terrorist faction in Beirut, but things don’t go according to plan.

The Splinter Cell is Directed by
Ben & Andrew Adams

Produced by
Andrew Adams, Ben Adams, Ben Haschke, Andrew Adams

Written By
Andrew Adams

Music by
Matt Bukaty

John Redlinger, Todd Gable, Jared Smith, Todd Jenkins, Skylar Holt, Seth Jacob Fenton

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Our Verdict
A bigger and better sequel to the 2014 original with production standards that are easy on par with a Hollywood movie. The cinematography and stealthy combat are as good as the previous instalment, but this time the narrative and characters are far more interesting, with higher and more personal stakes. The actors get a chance to do some real acting in part 2 and it’s nice to see a little of Sam Fisher’s home life too, giving you a glimpse of what he’s like when he’s not stealthily assassinating bad guys.

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